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第10回若柳流日本舞踊公演香の会のご案内 10th Wakayagi Ryu Japanese Dance Performance KONOKAI
第10回若柳流日本舞踊公演香の会のご案内 10th Wakayagi Ryu Japanese Dance Performance KONOKAIWe are very proud to present the 10th anniversary of Japanese traditional dance performance in Hong Kong. For this memorial event, we would like to hold a special event called "New Year Special Japanese Traditional Dance Performance - The Beauty of Japanese Tradition -" Details as follows:
Date : Saturday 3 March 2018
Time: 19:15
Venue : Jockey Club Auditorium, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Special Guest: Juen Wakasagi, The Forth Head of Wakayagi Ryu
Please stay tuned for ticket information.

Tickets will be on sale from Jan 19, 2018
Please contact us by email for booking tickets. info@konokaihk.com


Japanese dance is a traditional dance developed from Kabuki dance in Japan. It's a dance for anyone and has no age limits ranging from children to elderly people.

The images of Japanese dance are often old and stiff, but it is actually a dance full of expressions of imagination and enthusiasm which requires controlled body movements making it a unique and interesting dance. Furthermore, another uniqueness is to cooperate with traditional Japanese music. The traditional Japanese music contains Shamisen (three-stringed musical instruments), Taiko (Japanese drum) and other various Japanese instruments which you will experience a new world of performing arts.

Japanese style fitness training is very popular in Japan and staying healthy is a major concern for the younger generation now-a-day.  Learning Japanese dance will exercise the muscles which are not normally used and it requires lots of energy.  Therefore, with the expectation on achieving good health and stay slim, Japanese dance is getting popular in Japan.   

Through Japanese dance, you will enrich yourself with sensibility and virtues. Hong Kong is famous for a its fast pace and hectic life style; therefore, let's be spiritually rich together with an addition element of "Wa – Japanese style" and harmony to our everyday life.